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Surviving the Holidays Part 1 – The Homeschooling

Surviving the Holidays Part 1 – The Homeschooling

Welcome to my series on homeschooling through the holidays as a highly sensitive homeschooler.

Today is Day 1 – Homeschooling.

Homeschooling in December

It’s no secret that homeschooling can sometimes be difficult for a highly sensitive person under normal conditions.

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For Low Energy Homeschoolers

For Low Energy Homeschoolers

Melody over at Blossoming Joy has written a helpful piece on homeschooling, and living in general, with low energy:

How a Low Energy Mama Can Thrive

Are any of you HSPs also low energy? I know I am.  Sometimes I think having my defenses up most of the time to ward off a high energy world is tiring in itself, but now I know I’m also anemic, have low blood pressure, and I have all the symptoms of low thyroid (although I test normal.) Most days are like dragging myself through hot mud.  Which is why this blog has like 3 posts, LOL.  If this sounds like you, too, go over to Melody’s and read all about it. 🙂

Ssslinking Around

Ssslinking Around


A few links for Sensitive Souls on a Saturday afternoon…

Is Shyness an Evolutionary Tactic? in The New York Times

Five Flavors of Homeschooling – a video from Simply Charlotte Mason

“Homeschool” – “school” = HOME at Simple Homeschool

Doing Nothing is Doing Something from Slow Your Home

Now, take two slow, deep breaths with me….



Ahhh, that’s a little better.

…many blessings for your weekend, everyone!

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