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Weekend Links

Weekend Links


A few links for sensitive souls…

I did go ahead and make a Facebook page: The Highly Sensitive Homeschooler on Facebook. Yes, “likes” make my day.

Taking a Break Before You Need It by Tara Mohr. Do you find your self doing fine, doing fine, doing fine, and then BAM! You are way beyond NOTfine?  Explore taking a break before you need one.

Will Homeschooling Make Me Lose My Mind? (love the title, LOL) at Like Mother, Like Daughter . So much wise advice at this blog.

15 Tips for the Highly Sensitive Parent at Sorta Crunchy. Working hard at the “minimizing visual clutter” one.  So hard for an out of sight, out of mind Mom, but the difference is palpable.

10 Ways to Love an Introverted Mom at Moderately Crunchy

(thinking my next link should be from someone’s blog who identifies as Very Crunchy) 🙂

Hope you all are having a blessed, restorative weekend!

Weekend Links

Weekend Links

Breaking a “rule of awesome bloggers” to say I’m sorry for my obvious lack of blogging lately.  All my energy has gone towards getting the kids through the last few weeks of their school year, and preparing my oldest for her first overnight trip to a youth conference. She has multiple, severe food allergies, so it was a leap of faith for all of us!

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For Low Energy Homeschoolers

For Low Energy Homeschoolers

Melody over at Blossoming Joy has written a helpful piece on homeschooling, and living in general, with low energy:

How a Low Energy Mama Can Thrive

Are any of you HSPs also low energy? I know I am.  Sometimes I think having my defenses up most of the time to ward off a high energy world is tiring in itself, but now I know I’m also anemic, have low blood pressure, and I have all the symptoms of low thyroid (although I test normal.) Most days are like dragging myself through hot mud.  Which is why this blog has like 3 posts, LOL.  If this sounds like you, too, go over to Melody’s and read all about it. 🙂

Ssslinking Around

Ssslinking Around


A few links for Sensitive Souls on a Saturday afternoon…

Is Shyness an Evolutionary Tactic? in The New York Times

Five Flavors of Homeschooling – a video from Simply Charlotte Mason

“Homeschool” – “school” = HOME at Simple Homeschool

Doing Nothing is Doing Something from Slow Your Home

Now, take two slow, deep breaths with me….



Ahhh, that’s a little better.

…many blessings for your weekend, everyone!

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