Weekend Links

Weekend Links

Breaking a “rule of awesome bloggers” to say I’m sorry for my obvious lack of blogging lately.  All my energy has gone towards getting the kids through the last few weeks of their school year, and preparing my oldest for her first overnight trip to a youth conference. She has multiple, severe food allergies, so it was a leap of faith for all of us!

In other blogging news, I was wondering if any of my (4) readers would like me to set up a Facebook page for the blog.  One, because I often have only a blurbs worth of words to share, or a random link I think is relevant, and two, because I know some people like to get all their info in one place and often “subscribe” to blogs by liking them on Facebook. There is a downside to that, however, in that recently Facebook has greatly reduced the reach of any particular page — I have a page with 35 likes and when I share something Facebook tells me it went to sometimes as few as 2 people! So the rest missed out on my wonderfully intelligent banter, LOL!  Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think (and may do it anyway). 😉

Now on to the links:

Here is an interesting list of Highly Sensitive People Subtypes:  The HSP Subcultures, Definitions, Tasks & Challenges.  I think I can fit in with many of them! What about you?

Secrets from Charlotte Mason on Scheduling for Peace at Afterthoughts.  I will add, after several discussions around the blogosphere this week, and 12 years of my own homeschooling…don’t cut back on the math in your schedule for “peace”. Cut somewhere else.  IMHO, if there is a homeschooling hill to die on, make it this one, if you want your kids to be up to speed for college. If not, carry on. 🙂

Charlotte Mason Teaching Tuesdays: See That He Knows  at Wildflowers and Marbles.  I wouldn’t say I’m a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, but many of Miss Mason’s ideas work well with engendering peace in the home, and we HSPs know that peace is necessary for doing more than flat out survival.  I love the idea of allowing the child do make his own connections – we present, they connect.

What I’ve Been Reading: The Path to Good Work is Paved with Passion and Hope at Project Based Homeschooling


I hope to push through this week and get the next post up in my HSP/Homeschooling Styles series, currently languishing in the drafts folder. At least it has good company in there!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


10 thoughts on “Weekend Links

  1. I haven’t figured out how it’s best to share links either. It’s so easy to hit that Facebook share button, but then I’m rarely on Facebook. I think I check twitter more often, but then again, not as often as I read blog posts on feedly (which is almost daily). So I’m no help. Lol

    Good luck to your daughter! It’s exhausting preparing to travel with food allergies. (Oh, and also – in total agreement about math.)

    1. Thanks Angela! She’s home safe and sound. She’s got a good head on her shoulders about the allergies, but the rest of the world, not so much! 😛 I think I’m wanting a FB page for the blog mostly out of laziness. 🙂 Like you said, it’s so easy to hit that share button! Much harder to save the links I want to put in a post some other random way. At least if I have a FB page I can go back to it to gather links for a post so people can see them that way too.

  2. I don’t do facebook; i only read blogs. So if you were wanting to do facebook instead of blog, my vote is to keep the blog 🙂

    Which also, by the way, i didn’t know you were blogging here! I really like it, lovely to discover this space.

    (Which i think was because … Ok, i am pratty delipereious what with the whooping cough and all the other infectiosn it turns out i have, but i think it waas Sarah at knitting the Wind who linked to you here?? Anyway! Glad i found it).

    1. Hi Ellie! I’m SO sorry you are so sick. I’m praying for you and your family!! I hope you are able to find something (drugs or natural!) to help. And don’t worry about me only posting to FB if I make a page there, I would be doing both. 🙂

  3. Call me crazy but you don’t have a like or follow button?
    Blogs are still confusing to me. Overwhelming even.
    Great blog! Looking forward to seeing more!
    Oh I can’t use the Aquafina lip therapy. I do love Gressa Skin’s lip balms
    I did get a “natural product” that had a ton of nut products in it!

    1. Hi Kristin! Still working on getting this blog working right. Guess some kind of follow button would be helpful huh! Thank you for reminding me I need to look for allergens in cosmetics. I’m not as good with that as I should be! I wind up buying a product form me, and then sharing without thinking. I should let my dd guest post because she is even more sensitive than me.

  4. {{{AMY}}} — don’t laugh….I’m only JUST finding you here! I spent a delightful morning sipping my coffee and looking around your new blog! (Confession….I’m supposed to be mapping out my 8th grade plans this morning) Which I LOVE! I am a highly INsensitive homeschooler {LOL} and I just love the space you have here! It’s lovely, peaceful, and really encouraging! I feel a little like an idiot that I’m probably the last person on the planet to figure out that you’re blogging here. 🙂 But…I’m adding you to my feedly right now! Anyway, just me waving “hi” and saying that I’m thrilled to be reading your blog! It’s a DELIGHT!

      1. LOL! Your 8th grade plans exist, they’re just hiding somewhere with my 11th, 6th, 4th, and 1st grade plans. And all our unmatched socks. 🙂

    1. Thank you SO much, Jen! And almost no one knows I’m here, so please don’t feel like you’ve missed the boat or something. :). I didn’t make a big announcement anywhere or even link from an old blog… I just kind of disappeared, to reappear here a few months later. I’m glad you like it, I’m trying to be really “me” here.

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