Introvert and Highly Sensitive Podcasts

Introvert and Highly Sensitive Podcasts


During this crazy summer, listening to podcasts has gone a long way towards keeping me (sorta) sane.

It’s like having a friend come over to chat…I’m such a listener anyway,  these one-way podcasts are very much like how my usual conversations go, LOL.

Many of my favorites are not aimed directly at introverts, gifted, or highly sensitive people, but they help me center myself and remember what is important (Joyce Meyer, Inspired to Action, and A Slob Comes Clean are probably my top three “listens”).

Lately I’ve come across a few podcasts I am enjoying, geared towards the introverted/sensitive set:

The Introvert Entrepreneur with Beth Beulow.  Good for more than just entrepreneurs.  And anyway, I feel like homeschooling moms ARE doing an entrepreneurial type job, they are just not getting paid for it!

Sheep Dressed Like Wolves with Andy Mort

The Highly Sensitive Person Podcast with Kelly O. (new to the podcast scene, and I’m looking forward to more)

Then there is always the Circe Audio Library, which while not directly dealing with the topic of this blog, is often geared towards homeschooling and teaching with grace and peace, focusing on relationships and beauty.   Certainly things that help us HSP homeschoolers.

What are your favorite podcasts or audios? I’d love to know.


2 thoughts on “Introvert and Highly Sensitive Podcasts

  1. for some reason I haven’t been seeing your posts in my reader. I will try to fix that. as for this post, I never listen to podcasts. I never have the time, and I’m a visual learner anyway.

    1. Let me know if you can’t fix it, Sarah, maybe it’s something going on on my end. Not like I know how to fix any of it, LOL! I’ve been sneaking in podcasts when I shower, turn my phone way up so I can sort of hear it over the water. Having a smart phone is a new-to-me thing, but I have to admit I am loving it (for reasons just like this).

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