Isn’t that the way…

Isn’t that the way…

I had planned to do a “Day in the Life” post this week.   Everyone has spring break and I thought the laid back week would give me a chance to write and think. Instead, what it gave me a chance to do was fall apart.

The post would have looked something like this:

6 AM – all the humans get up except for mom who has been up since since 4:30 for reasons that include a weird dream and a wheeking guinea pig

7 AM – all the humans need food! What is it with these people? Why do they keep metabolizing?

7:30AM – all the humans (and one guinea pig) decide to talk to the mom at once

7:35 AM – the mom locks herself in the bathroom for the first of 8 times

7:45 AM – repeat

Add in hormones – mine and two teen girls (darn you, peri-menopause!)  and there was a recipe for breakdown.

Maybe you can relate.

This isn’t a post of “how I redeemed the week” – I’m still in the thick of it.  In fact, the man at Best Buy this morning seemed over-eager to help me with the computer I was bringing in for recycling. I had been crying in the car, and I think it showed, despite my sunny greeting.

I’m calling this week “Learning to be Human.”

To feel the feelings.

To not have to be perfect. To be OK with actually being seen while being imperfect.

To forgive myself for running to hide when I can’t take the humanity any longer. Or putting the mask back on and stuffing the feelings down because hey, I’m a mom and I have work to do.

Baby steps.



I would love to hear from you – what would you like to read about here? Do you have a particular struggle related to homeschooling and mothering as an HSP/introvert, etc,  or having HS children?

And before I go – to all those that celebrate, I wish you a holy Good Friday and a joyous Easter!



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