Monday, it defies description (a daybook)

Monday, it defies description (a daybook)

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Mondays – I love them and I hate them.  It’s hard to get back into routine, but in my mind it’s only because the weekend is off the routine, which isn’t Monday’s fault.  I like my routine.


Happy chipmunk. I was able to sneak up on him from behind a bush.

(How do you catch a unique rabbit? You ‘neak up on him.)

(It sounds better out loud.)

Oh wait, I just remembered I’m supposed to be food shopping. Be right back.

~~insert cheesy hold muzak~~

There that’s better. Our local supermarket just started online shopping, where you order online and then pull up and they bring it to your car.  The first shop is free so, yay.   Even the normal fee is only $5. Pay $5 for someone else to do my most dreaded chore? Yes ma’am!  I’d much rather have someone shop for me than to buy a treat  or a new book. Yes, it’s that bad.



Shopping …online

Wearing  …this skirt  and a 3/4 sleeve sky blue T-shirt

Reading  …this:

The premise is relatively simple, but the implementation seems to be beyond me!  I think it would be totally fine without our other food restrictions.  I *did* lose 5 pounds on it (doing it 80%) the first week, and gained a few back over the weekend with pizza. 😛  Pizza never agreed with me anyway, I think some of the weight I’m gaining is simply inflammation and not “normal fat.”

In the learning rooms …we are slowly growing into a routine. The 11th grader has now finished her work from last year (she took time off mid year and worked through the summer instead) so she gets this week off! And then (slave driver that I am) she is going to go right back to it.  She used Seton last year. Never again with this child!  This year I have planned a much better year for her. She is excited to start.  She is getting some clarity (thank you God!) on the calling for her life, at least as she sees it right now, so that brings some peace and direction!

I am listening to …the Not Back to School Summit, my son playing, my daughter imitating the guinea pigs squeaking, my other dd asking to be logged into the computer, and my blood pressure rising! Too much input!

I’m planning …to plan.  I need to sit down this week and write out the options for the kids as far as school goes. We have math in place, and co-op work (Classical Conversations/IEW).  I’ve signed up with Homeschool Connections recorded courses.  Sign language is a definite, not sure what else yet.  But I want a list of things they can choose from when I need school-y work or quiet time from them. For example, “listen to Story of the World CDs, use Teaching Textbooks (which is not their regular math), watch any of these videos on Netflix: X,Y,Z; read one of these novels…” My goal is to have a lot of flexibility as to HOW to achieve a very specific set of goals I (hope to soon)  have for them.

One of those goals is NOT to drive me crazy with playing loud games while people are still doing work. #smallhouseproblems


I am pondering …how to most effectively write here…I want to chat, yes, but I also want to help.  I’m thinking of a poll of my (8) readers about what specifically you are struggling with. I know it’s different with everyone, but I’m sure there are some trends. This blog does not have the answers, but discussing specifics can be helpful!

Can you have a trend with 8 people?

And now, I am going…to go and get on with my day, which is half over because I have been fitting in writing in 5 minute bursts between tasks. Have a blessed week everyone!

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