New Year, Old Goals

New Year, Old Goals

Do any of you do anything special to wrap up one year and begin the next?  I feel a need for closure on 2015 and a fresh start with a new year right now.  Not that 2015 was so bad, just that I feel ready to move on.  So I’m revisiting a few typical end of December traditions.

2016 New Year’s Resolution – I don’t always do resolutions, but this year I’m going to jump back on the Trim Healthy Mama bandwagon. I did it, if only half-heartedly, for a brief period last year and quickly lost 7 pounds, while still eating more than enough to feel satisfied. It seems to mesh with the changes I need to make anyway — less sugar and grains, more fruits and veggies — plus has lots of yummy treats that I *know* I won’t be able to live without.

Wish me luck, I definitely self-medicate my HSP overload with food. I’ll need energy, time, and mental capacity to keep it going this time. I’m shooting for “less half-heartedly” instead of perfection.

My word for 2016 – For years, some online friends and I have chosen a word we’d like to represent the coming year. Sometimes it’s to keep us accountable, sometimes it’s  simply wishful thinking. In the past I have chosen words like prepare, simplicity, and self-acceptance.   Others that I remember from friends were perseverance,  connection, love, decisiveness, and contentment.

This year, inspired in large part by Julie Bogart’s example of Awesome Adulting, I have (re)chosen the word MODEL. I say re-chosen because I picked this word a few years ago as well, but promptly forgot about it as life  bowled me over and left me in survival mode. It is a much better fit for this year anyway — my children are older and I’m primed and ready to get into things *I* want to do. (She says, knocking on all available wood.)

By living an adult life that is enriching  and energy giving, I hope to be an example to my children, a model of what adulthood can be like. Something they will want to strive for instead of run from.  Best of all, while being a good role model, I can empty some of my HSP bucket by feeding into my own passions at the same time. Win-win! Now all I have to do is figure out what my passions are. Stay tuned. 😉

So I seem to be cycling back to things I attempted years ago,way before I was actually ready.  Nothing wrong with shooting high, but I’m excited that *this* year seems to be a better fit for those goals. Hope springs eternal!

Wishing you all tremendous blessings in 2016!!


2 thoughts on “New Year, Old Goals

  1. Hi there. I’m pleased to have found your blog and look forward to following it! Just wondering. Have you blogged about ear pain as a HSP ??? I know I’m reaching my max after omg how many hours of “holding it together” and the ear pain starts setting in soooo deep and I notice at that point my body hurts so much too. The hatred comes piutong out at that point lol. I’ve been testing to see of any tea might help (I don’t take aspirin etc) I can’t get away from my littles so that’s not an option. Is there a cheapo option for noise muffling ear things??? Any ideas on this would be amazing or link back to where you’ve written already on this possibly? So sorry. I’m feeling desperate!

    1. I’m sorry, I haven’t written about pain, of any kind really, but it sounds awful! If I come across anything I’ll be sure to post here about it! I wonder (since you mentioned teas) if a relaxing type tea would help? Stretching? Is it pain that comes about because you’ve been listening all day? I know sometimes my ears hurt if my kids have been talking to me all day long. They do have simple earplugs (not noise cancelling headphones) that are cheap, but you have to stick them right in your ear and I don’t know how healthy that would be on a consistent basis. Good luck, I hope you figure something out!

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