Self Care at 7

Self Care at 7

What is Self Care at 7?

Every day in February, I will be posting a little self care tidbit at 7 AM and 7 PM on Twitter, and occasionally Facebook and Instagram.  Just something quick that you can most likely do right then and there, or with some small effort like getting up for hand lotion or a drink of water.

February is a month focused on love, and I want my readers to not forget themselves! Love yourself this month.  Treat yourself as an equal member of your family, not the one that always gets the short straw or the burnt toast.

I understand that it’s noble and wonderful to give of yourself, to think of others first…but that needs to come from a filled up place of love in your heart, not a beaten down martyred place.

I’m going to post the list here for you to refer to, because I understand you are not waiting with bated breath on Twitter at 7 AM and 7 PM for me to post.  Or maybe you are.  If you are, I worry about you. 😉

Self-Care for February

1st – Give yourself a 1 minute foot rub, or longer if you can. Use some lotion and put a little muscle into it.

2nd – When you read this, stretch up to reach the sky and take 2 nice, deep breaths. Roll your shoulders. Tell yourself you are awesome for taking a moment for your health.

3rd – Today, pick the thing YOU want to eat or watch, don’t give in to other’s wants and wind up with the yucky one just this once. (Of course, right after typing this, I had dinner…something that I burnt part of. You know which piece I took. *rolling eyes at myself*)

4th – Hide/unfollow someone on Facebook that has been bothering you. You don’t need that in your life.

5th- Write something you like about yourself on your palm. Look at your hand during the day when you are feeling down about yourself.

6th- Today, feel your emotions instead of stuffing them down. It’s OK to cry or grieve or be angry. Experience it.

7th-Brush your hair slowly or have your children play with your hair (you know, if they aren’t going to yank it out, LOL)

8th-Search for your favorite song on YouTube. Listen for a few minutes of happy.

9th- Breathe deep and be mindful of all that is going on around you. Don’t judge it, just notice and label.

10th- Take a nap today or go to bed earlier tonight. Your need for alone time might be heightened by exhaustion.

11th- Today, say no when you don’t want to do something.

12th- Soak your feet in warm water for 5 minutes. Add Epsom salts if you have any. Rub dry.

13th- Set an alarm to go off several times today and congratulate yourself that you made it this far. You’re awesome.

14th- Eat the chocolate and don’t feel guilty.

15th- Do the hard thing today, choose the better food option over the junk you were thinking of. Just once.

16th- Tense and relax each part of your body, from your feet on up to your head. Breathe deep.

17th- Take 5 minutes to list everything bothering you. Release it to your Higher Power, or destroy it in some way.

18th- Take a minute or more and imagine your “happy place” or your happiest memory.

19th- Lie on the floor or couch and have the kids draw things or roll little cars on your back.

20th- Today, don’t feel guilty with the TV as a babysitter and sit quietly for a few minutes, just for you.

21st- Give yourself a nice hand massage with lotion.

22nd- Think of something that makes you laugh, or find it on YouTube.

23rd- Today, let that annoying “whatever it is” just rollll off your back. You are worth more than that aggravation.

24th – My birthday! Treat yourself to a little something in my honor today.

25th – Lower  your expectations for today. Let everything that happens be a gift.

26th- Right now, make a plan to do something fun either alone or with a friend. Get the ball rolling.

27th- Keep in the moment. Are you OK right this second? Don’t worry about the second after. Enjoy being OK right this moment.

28th- Think of your purpose. Why have you made the choices you have? Keep that in mind today.

29th- This is your bonus day, look back on the month and do all of the self-care tasks. You deserve it!

Take care of yourself, you are worthy of all your love.



2 thoughts on “Self Care at 7

  1. It’s April when I am reading this, but man oh man am I going to have to try some of these this month. 2015 involved a lot of self discovery, and I am not in a place of knowing what I need to be sane but not knowing how to go about getting what I need … this helps. Thank you.

    April Emery
    homeschooling mama of 3 (ages 6, 8, and 10)
    east OH

    1. Glad it helped! I could use some of these again myself! 🙂 April always seems to be the time I crash and burn from the homeschooling year. No offense to your beautiful name. 🙂

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