#write28days of Nervous System Regulation: Day 23 – Common

#write28days of Nervous System Regulation: Day 23 – Common

Welcome to day 23 of #write28days of Nervous System Regulation! Today we are talking about the word “common.” As in, the need for work on your nervous system regulation is a common thing!

Everyone has problems.

You can read or say that in one of two ways. Either “Everyone has problems, you’re nothing special, stop whining,” or “Everyone struggles with something, you are in good company, you are not alone in your suffering.”

How did you read that? Do you read it one way with others and another with yourself? I know many people who are super compassionate when it comes to other people’s problems, but then tell themselves to just suck it up and stop complaining the moment they start struggling.

It is important to your sense of felt safety that you have compassion on yourself as well as others. Because trouble is common to mankind, if you only give it to others, you will never have the time and space to fill yourself up – there will always be someone out there “worse off” than you to spend yourself on.

Your nervous system health is of utmost importance to both your physical and mental health. Don’t let it slip out of priority status.

6 thoughts on “#write28days of Nervous System Regulation: Day 23 – Common

  1. Amy, you know this is so true. I’ve fallen into this thinking years ago. Not so much as I age and my relationship with God matures.
    Visiting today from #Write28Days

    1. I’m glad you read it that way. I tend to hear the voices of my family of origin and read it the other way. :/ But I’m learning!

  2. This is true. If you don’t be kind to yourself and take care of yourself, you won’t have much to offer to others in need. Thank you for this reminder. God Bless!

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